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Accessible Therapy Services for Seniors


Physical therapy can be very beneficial for seniors to improve their mobility, strength, balance, and flexibility, but not all seniors can attend therapy sessions in person. Fortunately, there are many ways to receive physical therapy at home at Assured Homecare Services.

Many physical therapists now offer telehealth services, which allows seniors to receive therapy sessions remotely through video conferencing. It can be a convenient and safe option for seniors with mobility or transportation issues. Choose our home care services in Lanham, Maryland.

Some physical therapists may offer home-based therapy services, where they come to the senior’s home to conduct therapy sessions. It can be helpful for seniors who have difficulty leaving their homes. Personal care services in Maryland are also beneficial.

Seniors can also engage in exercise programs designed specifically for their needs, which can be done at home through nursing care. Some many online resources and apps offer exercise programs for seniors, or seniors can work with a physical therapist to create a personalized program.

Seniors may benefit from using assistive devices to aid their physical therapy or occupational therapy exercises. These can include resistance bands, hand weights, balance balls, and other equipment.

They can incorporate physical therapy exercises into their daily activities, such as walking, climbing stairs, or doing household chores. Our therapists can guide how to do these activities safely and effectively.

For high-quality therapy and personal care services that can alleviate your health concerns at home, please don’t hesitate to connect with us today!

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