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Assured Home Care Services is your source for a brand of care that offers compassionate patient care services. If the home is where the heart is, then our quality services are best rendered in the comfort of your home. This allows us to ascertain a faster recovery for you, so you can enjoy a fuller life ahead. Thus, our Home Care Services in Lanham, Maryland are geared to help you keep going at the place of your convenience. We also assure you that you will always receive the best from us through our commendable team who are more than capable of delivering a professional level of care. They are trained to keep your health always in check, as well as to promote your independence and dignity despite the conditions you endure. You can count on receiving supportive short or long-term care delivered with sensitivity to your needs as a unique individual and with respect for your privacy.


Our commitment to genuine service lies in the heart of our care. It is our mission to render compassionate services that value the right of an individual to cost-effective yet high-quality patient care. Through our seamless health solutions and top-quality services, upkeeping and improving your way of life is made easier.


To provide easily-accessible patient care at the comfort of your home through our compassion-driven home care services.

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