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Proper Assessment for Seniors at Home


Assured Homecare Services is a trusted provider of home care services in Lanham, Maryland offers quality assessments that can help identify potential hazards within the senior’s home, such as tripping hazards or fall risks. It can help prevent accidents and injuries and improve the overall safety of the home.

Personal care services in Maryland can also help identify assistive devices and modifications that help seniors with daily living activities. Examples include grab bars in the bathroom, wheelchair ramps, and stair lifts.

Nursing care can help create a personalized care plan for the senior. It includes identifying the specific needs of the senior, such as help with bathing or medication management, and developing a plan to meet those needs.

Our in-home nurses can help identify ways to improve the senior’s quality of life and their need for healthcare professionals. For example, if the senior is experiencing social isolation, the assessment can identify ways to help the senior stay engaged and connected with others.

Similarly, we can also offer families and clients a caregiver if they need one. Besides providing them with information and resources to help care for their loved ones, we can also share information on community resources, such as respite care and education on how to care for the senior’s specific needs.

We also provide CPR training. To know more, please reach our lines.

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