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Therapy Services: Helping You Get Back in Shape


The world may seem upside down after a severe accident or disability, but you’re not alone.

Everyday activities, even as simple as getting dressed, may seem impossible and irritating. You may need help from others, like in-home nurses, to complete even the most basic errands.

While it can be disheartening and make you feel like you’re giving up your freedom, we will be here to assist you in conquering these challenges. Consider our home care services in Lanham, Maryland, if you or a loved one require assistance in daily tasks.

Loss of mobility due to illness or injury will force significant adjustments to your daily routine. Physical and occupational therapy are sure to help you adjust back to the way you used to live.

It includes physical training to help you regain lost muscle mass and flexibility and teach practical new abilities that your body may have forgotten. It may seem difficult to perform tasks like putting on clothes or even picking up a pen, but we can help you overcome this.

Our nursing care at Assured Homecare Services is dedicated to bringing the highest quality medical attention to your home. Here, you’ll find competent therapists who can assist with your recovery.

We also offer personal care services in Maryland whenever you need assistance with light housekeeping, companionship, and more. Let us be your reliable helping hand!

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