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Importance of Transitional Care Services

importance-of-transitional-care-servicesAs a provider of personal Care Services in Maryland, we are aware that even after you or a loved one receives thorough care, they may still need care in the future.

Experts in healthcare services say that thirty days following discharge is the time when a patient is most at risk of being readmitted. After all, they will still have to deal with the symptoms of a mild or extremely complex medical condition. Without the right assistance, patients run the danger of relapsing, which increases healthcare expenditures and lowers the overall quality of life.

How can this be avoided? with the aid of services for transitional care. The name refers to the fact that these are made to maintain the standard of care for a smoother transition from the inpatient setting to home. Patients and their caregivers in transitional care receive the ongoing support they require to manage comorbidities, coordinate medication regimens, and identify care gaps that must be addressed right away through routine home visits like nursing care.

Upon release from hospitalization, primary care doctors, specialists, and visiting doctors can provide transitional care through the following setup:

Managing transitional care effectively reduces the risk of readmission and helps the patient in avoiding too much hospitalization costs.

To know more about health care, home care, and the probability of transitional care, please feel free to contact us at Assured Homecare Services.

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