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Ways to Prevent Accidents at Home


Anyone can be a victim of an accident at home—children, teens, adults, the elderly, and even pets. Young children and old adults are the most susceptible to various types of accidents. This is why personal care services in Maryland include safety measures at home to prevent hazards that may occur.

When caring for a disabled child or a chronically ill elderly patient, nursing care professionals go beyond avoiding accidents in administering medications. It is likewise important to check the surroundings for potential causes of mishaps. Slips and falls commonly occur in slippery places, dark areas, stairs, and when things are obstructing the pathway. Prevent falls by placing sufficient sources of lighting in entrances, pathways, stairs, and bathrooms. Never leave young children and old people unattended when using ladders or climbing stairs.

Make it a habit to label hazardous properly and keep them out of reach. Such substances including household cleaning products and pesticides may be accidentally ingested and can be fatal if not promptly mitigated. First aid and CPR training will come in handy, especially in situations like these.

Homeowners are also encouraged to have carbon monoxide smoke detectors. Accidental carbon monoxide poisoning at home claims around 420 lives each year in the US alone. Home care services in Lanham, Maryland can combat this by routinely checking appliances that use gas like boilers, stoves, and generators. Only use stoves, ovens, and the like only when there is a vent. Do not burn fuels inside your home as well.

All of these safety practices and more are observed by our staff at Assured Homecare Services. To improve the quality of living of an aging loved one, leave them to our care for optimal results.

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